Published Books

1. Bless Your World With Less Word

“A truly inspiring and transformative book. Everyone needs a copy of this book.”

Do you believe that words, when selected carefully and used creatively, can motivate, inspire, correct, and guide?

Would it be helpful if you can use less words to achieve more results in your personal, professional, social, or spiritual life?

Our world is getting busier. Knowledge and information are increasing, leaving people daily with the hard choice of who and what to listen to. Therefore, as we communicate our thoughts and ideas with people around us, saying more may not necessarily guarantee more impact in the lives of our hearers. Carefully selecting our words and creatively using them will ensure our hearers pay attention to us, clearly understand us, and connect with the theme of our message for longer periods.

Quotes and short phrases that embody wisdom and are divinely inspired would play a major role in helping us achieve better results with our communication, especially when they touch on key aspects of our lives like faith, prayer, purpose, relationship, etc. Divinely inspired quotes and short phrases could be the missing link between our words and the impact we expect in the lives of our hearers.

Bless Your World with Less Word is therefore a book written to:

  • Introduce you to short phrases and quotes that can help drive clarity and conviction during communication, as well as inspire hope and reaffirm godliness.
  • Stir up awareness and reflections on how less can be said to achieve more in life.
  • Unlock the wisdom contained in short phrases and quotes that can help bring about transformative changes in our world.

2. Be Blessed Daily Not Stressed

“A unique book filled with wise and thought-enhancing words. I keep going back to it day after day. Thanks, Raphael for writing this book.”

By redirecting your focus daily to words that inspire, instruct, correct and guide, are you aware that you can transform your mind and life?

As you pursue your dreams and relate with others, would it help if there are inspirational words that can spur you to wiser and better decisions?

All around the world today, with every tick of the second arm of the clock, some people are being blessed and others are being stressed. As it gets busier and noisier, more people are burning out, giving up on themselves and focusing on less rewarding issues.

We would need to call ourselves back and redirect our minds and attention to what is empowering, motivating and enriching. One thing is clear if we continue to REFLECT on wrong ideas, issues and events, they will DEFLECT the direction of our mind and life.

In Be Blessed Daily Not Stressed, Raphael Adegboye takes you on a journey of empowering words that enriches your mind and opens up your intellect. A compilation of inspirational quotes and short phrases, this engaging book will:

  • Provide everyday motivation and guidance for a wiser and better lifestyle.
  • Provoke deep reflections that will steer you up to be more determined to fulfill your purpose in life.
  • Introduce you to short phrases and quotes that can inspire hope and reaffirm Godliness.

ARKO Publishing House, Ontario, Canada

In addition to being an author, Raphael Adegboye is also the Lead Publisher at ARKO Publishing House, Ontario-based content development and book publishing outfit, that prides itself on excellence, creativity, and high-quality service.

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