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The world is a canvass, you paint on it daily through your actions and inactions.

Raphael Adegboye

On Your Way.

On your way to major milestones in life, expect the ‘storm’ to show up. The purpose of the storm is either to distract or stop you from getting to your destination. The storm may be a crisis at home, at work, in church, or in the community. It may be false accusations, physical ailments, lossContinue reading “On Your Way.”


Dear Nigeria, 🇳🇬 How are you doing? Oh sorry, I meant to ask, how are you coping? I sincerely empathize with you and your many troubles and I, honestly, do not have the right words to console you at these difficult times. While the whole world is going through many ups and downs now, yourContinue reading “Nigeria.”


Sometimes, our struggle in an aspect of life may become a justification for us to attack, hate, or devalue those who are making progress in that aspect of life. For example, living in a rented apartment may cause us to dislike those living in their own houses. Similarly, managing a small congregation of church membersContinue reading “BE BLESSED.”

Fill Up.

Fill up, not necessarily your gas tank or your stomach, but your mind. Gas prices are so high now that you may have to buy in portions, and cutting down on food intake is so advisable now, as there may be health benefits to doing so. Fill up your mind with positive and enriching thoughtsContinue reading “Fill Up.”

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