On Your Way.

On your way to major milestones in life, expect the ‘storm’ to show up.

The purpose of the storm is either to distract or stop you from getting to your destination.

The storm may be a crisis at home, at work, in church, or in the community. It may be false accusations, physical ailments, loss of an opportunity, betrayal from a loved one or an unexpected incident with an unpleasant outcome.

In Mark 4 Jesus and the disciples were on their way to setting a troubled man free, and a mighty storm arose. Jesus calmed the storm, and they berthed at their destination safely.

Recently, I set out to attend an important meeting in another city, and the ‘storm’ arose.

It was an hour drive, but for some reason, I was prompted to leave about three hours earlier before the start of the meeting.

The road is familiar, traffic was expected to be light at that time of the day, and I was to drive on a major highway, so I didn’t foresee any issue.

The ‘storm’ broke out nonetheless.

First, few minutes into setting out, I missed my way. Second, I got stucked on a path with a road construction ongoing. Third, I found myself in a traffic standstill because of a major accident, and lastly, almost the entire journey was as if someone else was struggling to take the steering from me and swerve the car into the bush.

My adrenaline would have reached a very high level, my eyelids were flapping speedily, my hands were wet, it was as if I was watching an action movie unfold.

This meeting meant a lot to me; going forward was a challenge, turning backwards was not an option.

It was a tumultuous trip, and while at one point I was beginning to think of a worst case scenario, from nowhere, one of the songs we sang while growing up slipped out of my mouth – ‘Jesu ni balogun oko, e ma se je ka foya’ (Jesus is the captain of the ship, do not be afraid).

I regained some confidence, and between loudly chorusing this song and holding firmly to the steering as if it was a life jacket, the vehicle stabilized. There was relative calmness. I panted less, and the road was clearer. I got to my destination after about two hours and fifty minutes.

I went in for the meeting, and it went well. My trip back home was different. I got home safely.

This story is for context; your ‘storm’ may be different. You may even be in one now.

My wish and prayer for you is that God will protect you, and no ‘storm’ will crumble you, your family, and your assignment in Jesus name.

Published by raphaeladegboye

An Agribusiness and Resource Management Strategist

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