Dear Nigeria, πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

How are you doing? Oh sorry, I meant to ask, how are you coping?

I sincerely empathize with you and your many troubles and I, honestly, do not have the right words to console you at these difficult times.

While the whole world is going through many ups and downs now, your own problems are compounded because your handlers are just unconcerned, and your number one man appears to be on ‘Sabbatical’.

By the way, I hear that you have been on a borrowing spree, and incidentally rather than you running from your debtors, they are the ones running from you, so you do not ask for more loan. Wow! What a situation.

I also hear that you are just playing ‘trial and error’ with your economy and your hope is that ‘somehow somehow’ things will work out.

I hear your university students have been out of school for months and many of them now resume in the morning and close at night on various social media platforms watching comedy skits. Wow! what a dilemma.

Likewise, I hear that to avoid being picked up by ‘merchants’ who seek ransom, some of your children from ‘abroad’ come in dressing as janitors, and others disguise their look and posture even from close relatives.

Those within your borders, I hear spend up to twenty of their twenty-four hours in a day living in fears of insecurity.

I understand the ‘guests’ who were regularly brought in from the Sahel region to augment voters’ number during election seasons, have now spread their tentacles into many states, unleashing mayhem, under the umbrella name ‘bandits’.

Well, if this helps in any way, from a very confidential and reliable source, I hear your days of agony are over. I hear you are entering into a refreshing season.

I hear that a recent high-level negotiation for your ‘soul’ was held, in which the fathers of faith in the land agitated for your release, and it ended with your ‘abductors’ giving in. You are now free. Congratulations!

I hear your territory will no longer be desolate. Your economy will rebound, your youth empowered, your older citizens well taken care of, and your land productive again.

I hear those who have abandoned you will rush to be your friend again.

The weak, feeble in mind, and visionless will never rule you. I hear those who think it is their personal or political right to rule you have lost out. I hear God’s own elect will be voted in come next year. Oh, I rejoice with you Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

Meanwhile, I am glad your daughters and some of your sons are making you proud at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. I hear some new records have been set by these young ambassadors. I even hear that one of your high school ambassadors floored many others from America, Asia etc. in a recent global mathematics competition.

Nigeria, I am convinced your bad days are behind you. It’s only a matter of hours, and you will forget the shames and troubles of your past. Please hang in there; the one who created you has heard your cries.

I have your flag with me here; I mean your green-white-green πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ flag, which I hope to display conspicuously when your new number one citizen comes in next year.

I plan to eat ‘amala with gbegiri and some assorted meats, cooled down with a bottle of malt drink’ when your new season begins.

Till then, my dear Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬, please accept my warm wishes.

From one of your Sons,


Published by raphaeladegboye

An Agribusiness and Resource Management Strategist

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