Sometimes, our struggle in an aspect of life may become a justification for us to attack, hate, or devalue those who are making progress in that aspect of life.

For example, living in a rented apartment may cause us to dislike those living in their own houses. Similarly, managing a small congregation of church members or running a mom-and-pop shop may cause us to speak ill of those with mega churches or multinational corporations.

God gives grace in measures, and there may be new requirements to be met to qualify for our next level of increase. 

We may also need to self-examine ourselves, perhaps, a different attitude or method is necessary to achieve our desired goals.

Both Cain and Abel had an open cheque; they could each decide how to approach God. One adopted an approach that conveyed honour, gratitude, and respect. The other did the opposite.

One got results, and the other did not. The one who did not get results became hateful and, eventually, destructive.

God is the one who truly blesses everyone. If we ask Him, and His conditions are met, He will bless us too.

Being resentful of someone, whose business is growing because ours is crawling, is unnecessary. We may need to do more to increase our customer base or keep our books better.

Mudslinging, or peddling rumours about an individual who is doing well in a field of endeavour, is a waste of time. God is just, and when He blesses, no one can ‘unbless’.

May you be blessed, and may your impact be positive and global.

Published by raphaeladegboye

An Agribusiness and Resource Management Strategist

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