Fill Up.

Fill up, not necessarily your gas tank or your stomach, but your mind.

Gas prices are so high now that you may have to buy in portions, and cutting down on food intake is so advisable now, as there may be health benefits to doing so.

Fill up your mind with positive and enriching thoughts such that there is almost no space left for negative and demeaning thoughts.

Paul, talking in Philippians 4, encouraged his audience to fill up on what is true, honourable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent and praiseworthy.

A story was told of how a certain individual – Mr. A visited his friend Mr. B hoping to divulge the demeaning words and actions of their other group of friends led by Mr. C.

Almost immediately after being asked to take a seat, Mr. A started. 

“Wow, Mr. B, I couldn’t wait to come down here to share these secrets with you. I am not sure what you did to Mr. C and his cohorts, but your image has been completely battered, maligned, suppressed, and if only you know to what extent Mr. C has gone to bring you down, you will be seriously worried.”

Mr. B immediately cuts in respectfully.

Well Mr. A, just before you go on, you will notice I had my notepad and pen in my hands when I opened the door for you. I was scribbling some new ideas down, and it is important I do not lose my trail of thoughts. In addition, people have the right to say or plan whatever they want, and God has the power to justify and vindicate. May I please say that I didn’t need to know what was said or planned about me in the first instance, and I also don’t need to know now. My mind is working in full steam on God’s next plan for my life.”

Your guess is as good as mine on what Mr. A did next. Indeed, he meant well, but good intention as they say may not be God’s intention.

Fill up; you will need all the energy, purpose, passion in you to move your vision forward. Care less about hearsay and gossips about you. If you give them any attention, they will distract and sap you of your much-needed focus.

There is a great future ahead of you; fill up.

© Raphael Adegboye

Published by raphaeladegboye

An Agribusiness and Resource Management Strategist

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