More than your average Strategist and Leader.

Raphael Adegboye delivers outstanding results across 3 key areas: personal success strategy, leadership and agribusiness management.

Core Competencies


Knowing where you are going is good, getting there in time is better. In life, many people talk about what they want to do, unfortunately, few end up doing what they have said in time if they end up doing it all. As one who has good understand of strategy, we challenge you to have a plan but also to ensure such a plan is executed within the right time frame.


The ability to influence a people, a group or an organization to move or deploy resources in the direction of achieving a specific goal is leadership. As trained and experienced leaders, we will share our views with you and steer you up in the path of effective influence on your team.


With extensive experience from four continents at different levels of agribusiness development, Raphael offers uncommon perspectives to how agribusiness ventures can be profitably managed.

We trusted Raphael to help us understand what we could do better with our leadership approach and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome we got working with him.

Raphael offers unique insights into personal strategy and how to navigate tough and new life terrains.


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